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DirsyncGB has been relaunched as Picksync !

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The basic function of DirsyncGB is to display the contents of two different folders side-by-side in a grid, in alphabetical order and with matching filenames placed side-by-side.

You, the user, may easily compare the contents of these folders, and copy or move selected files from one side (i.e. one folder) to the other.

The lower part of the user interface contains the grid (which can of course be made larger than as shown below) with a side-by-side list of files.   The upper part contains left and right trees to select the folders being compared, a panel to define classes of files to be displayed, and buttons to select and copy/move groups of files.  Keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus are also available for common operations.

All you need to know to get started – select left and right folders, and click “Go” to compare their contents.

The Applications page describes some obvious and less-obvious usage scenarios.


In addition to the core functionality described above, there are many further features, including the following :

There is a “Safe Mode” which merely simulates all operations but without making any actual changes to your disk contents.  This permits experimentation if you are unsure about the possible consequence of any action.

The “Faves” (Favourites) button allows you to save your most-used pair of folders, and to subsequently select them quickly and easily.

There are Filter options to display only filenames matching a particular subset of text, or within an alphabetic range, or files above or below a given size, or files within a particular range of dates.

There are options to display all subfolders, or only those which match on both sides, or only those in one of the chosen folders.

The  list of files being displayed (which may or may not include subfolder contents too) can be saved as a text file.

Searching for a particular file is easy, with a number of options to select the type of match.

Image files have further dedicated features: they can be viewed in thumbnails, or in a separate Picturebox.

Finally, there is of course an uninstaller, which will completely remove DirsyncGB from your system.  I do hope that you won’t, but you should feel confident to install it, knowing that you could easily uninstall it again if you wanted to.

I wrote DirsyncGB for my own personal use and have used its predecessors on a daily basis for many years.  As a result it has numerous features, large and small, which have been developed and refined over time to enhance its usefulness, streamline its operation and help me efficiently manage my files.

For fuller details of its capabilities, feel free to download and run the free-standing Help file, DirsyncGB.chm.  This can be opened in  Windows just like a document file, without requiring any installation or making any changes to your computer.


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